Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Gerry Warrington and James M. Holthoff. They built the company on the foundation of quality work, safe work, and jobs done on time; values we still follow today.

In 1999, with the retirement of Gerry Warrington, James M. Holthoff became President of HRC. The officers of the Company included John Holthoff, Justin Lowery, Sharon Stallings and Kristin Ianni.

Upon James Holthoff’s death in 2017, Justin, Kristin and Sharon purchased the Company and continue to instill the values of the original owners, while recognizing that a constantly changing workforce and economy requires the Company to always be updating and improving.

Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. remains committed to the highest standards of safety, quality work, adherence to schedule and, especially, development of our Employees. We are always seeking improvement. It is the owners’ goal to employ and develop only the best of Employees. It is for that we reason we are committed to offering competitive wages and a strong benefits package.

It is the policy of Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc., and our promise to our Employees, to provide a safe, healthy and amiable work environment. It is always our policy to abide by all federal, state, local and customer-specific regulations, use good judgment and abide by the policies as outlined in our Safety Program.

Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. recognizes the value of its front-line Employees. Most importantly, we want our Employees to be successful while working with Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. We recognize that our Employees’ success and continued employment will be directly related to their performance, understanding and adherence to our Employee Guidelines and Safety Program.

Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. offers a 60-day probationary employment period that affords both the Employee and Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc. an opportunity to assess each other to ensure a good “fit”. Welcome to Hampton Roads Contracting, Inc.!


Sharon Stallings, Chief Executive Officer

Justin Lowery, President

Kristin Ianni, Secretary/Treasurer